About MyLoc.Info

Sometimes when you are out and about, all you need is a simple email that goes out to people who care about you.

To say you are OK, and that you're on track.

MyLoc.info is a web app you can use to check in your current location and automatically send email notifications to friends/family who choose to receieve them.

This app was born out of personal need for a cheap and easy way to let my wife know where I am on a long bike ride without having to text/call.


There are other apps that allow you to check in your location, and some that even show live tracks.

The Garmin LiveTrack comes to mind. But you have to have a garmin watch (expensive) and you have to download their phone app and leave the app open while the watch communicates via bluetooth.

This isn't always ideal. I sometimes go on rides that last longer than a couple of hours, and want to push a button that sends out a notification to a number of people to say I'm still on track.


Then there is social media (facebook) where you can check in, and your friends can see where you are.

But there are many reasons why I'd want to stick to a simple dedicated app for notifying folks of my location, like MyLoc.info

Using the technology I already have in my pocket - my smart phone.

Application created and maintained by Ahi Bennuri.